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Not Wolverine A3 watermarked.jpg

JME (Man Don’t Care)

Back in 2015, JME warned the world that he was ready to punch it in the face with his front door key, punch it in the neck with his back door key, box it in the mouth with his X6 key and, as if that wasn’t enough, box it in the eye with the fob he uses to log into his HSBC.

His keyring probably looks different now but the threat still feels the same. Inspired by this is a print that turns these visceral bars into a superpower.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

Biggie’s Dog Food With Gunpowder

Now who the fuck is this, painting me at 5:46?

Notorious B.I.G.’s track, Warning, is legendary. One of his less peta-friendly warnings was that he had “Rottweilers by the door. And I feed 'em gun powder, so they can devour the criminals trying to drop my decimals.”

This print is a mash up of one of the most famous art prints of all time and one of the greatest musicians of all time. What’s not to love?

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

Thome yorke v2 A3 watermarked.jpg



The making-of video for Radiohead’s No Surprises includes a clip of a trio of newscasters referring to their track as “music to cut your wrists to.” If that’s not a review to be jealous of, I don’t know what is.

This print is a homage to that song and that sentiment, taking a still of the No Surprises video and breaking it down into a grayscale spray painting.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

Nas One Love A3 watermarked.jpg



Illmatic is one of hip hop’s most celebrated albums, distilling so much talent and feeling into just under 40 minutes of music. One Love has always been a firm favourite from this album, with the line “I even got a mask and gloves to bust slugs, but one love,” being one of many lines that would always stick with you.

A direct representation of this line, this is a print of a stencil and marker painting on canvas.

Skepta A3 watermarked.jpg

Ceci n’est pas Skepta

It’s generally agreed that, were René Magritte alive today, he would be a grime MC.

Regardless of the truth of that statement, this print mashes up the fine art of Magritte’s ‘The Treachery of Images’ with the even finer art of Skepta’s ‘That’s Not Me’ to create Ceci n’est Pas Skepta.

For a man with a love of the surreal, it's almost a given that he would approve of this print.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

ASAP Ferg A3 watermarked.jpg

A$AP Ferg

One of the many A$AP frontmen rendered in grey spray paint with gold spray accents.

This hand drawn, hand cut, stencil portrait was painted in 2014. Trap Lord had just been released. Everything was good. It was a different time.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

Lonely4 a3 watermarked.jpg


I can’t even lie I’ve been lonely as fuck.

Lifted from Tyler, The Creator’s ‘911 / Mr Lonely,’ this painting takes the flower boy motif to a very literal level. All the text is formed of a constant hand drawn and cut floral pattern, thanks to the use of maybe the most elaborate stencil used in any of these paintings.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

JayZ A3 watermarked.jpg

Jay-Z and Lucifer

Picchard, you did it again, you a genius.

Lucifer is one of many fantastic tracks off of Jay-Z’s fantastic Black Album. The atmosphere, the lyrics, the sound, they all tie together to make an incredible song, which provided inspiration for this painting.

Created using only black ink on a circular canvas, this dark painting captures Jay-Z and Baphomet, surrounded by a circular seal of song lyrics.

“The more you talk, the more you irking us, the more you gon' need memorial services.”

Print of an original ink drawing on canvas.

OK man A3 watermarked.jpg

Pusha T

Back in 2013, My Name Is My Name demanded that hip hop fans listened. Pusha T’s debut studio album was a powerful move in his solo career, one that more than lived up to how good that line was when it was said in The Wire.

Celebrating this album, this painting is a two colour spray paint silhouette, using the negative space of the canvas to say the majority of what needs to be said.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

Orange Man A3 watermarked.jpg

Channel Orange - Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean seemingly appeared from nowhere as a fully formed genius. From the moment that Nostalgia, Ultra arrived, he was a voice that needed to be listened to.

This feeling continued when Channel Orange was released in 2012, with this painting being made at the same time, capturing that feeling and that moment in an orange hue portrait of Frank himself.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.

Run the Jewels Hand A3 watermarked.jpg

Your Jewels, Sir

Run the Jewels have released so many hits that the jewels are practically running themselves at this point. They’re serving up passionate verses and insane collaborations on a platter, so why not take all these things a little literally?

Originally painted with spray paint and marker on canvas, this is the only artwork in the collection that was drawn, stencilled, and painted with a broken arm.

Print of an original spray painting on canvas.


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